The Truth About Craig Rainey Walker

Craig Rainey Walker arrested

This page is to warn you about Craig Walker or Craig Rainey as he sometimes goes by. He does business under the name ATX Design Build or ZeroDown Consulting. He draws you in with promises of a quick job, with excellent references and fast talking. He will take your money and will likely never deliver on the agreed upon project. I have been ripped off by him, I know of at least two others who have been ripped off by him. DO NOT HIRE Craig Rainey Walker for any home renovation or remodeling project.

Craig has pled guilty in 2019 to theft of over $80,000 from a construction company in Montgomery County, TX. He is now operating in Austin, TX and the surrounding area. He has stolen over $100,000 from at least two individuals here but has faced no criminal charges. If you are giving money to him, you are most likely funding his previous scams.

If you are building a home, renovating your home, or taking on any kind of contracting work in the Austin area, absolutely avoid this man at all costs.